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Stupid question Vendo V-216


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So a couple months ago, I dissassembled this Coca Cola V-216 Vendo Machine. Now I am re-assembling it, and putting the selection buttons back in, and they are not clickable. The buttons are plastic knobs and the buttons are switches that are poked through a board with all of the LED's. What is the proper way to reassemble, because I cannot figure it out.


Pictures attached of the item:





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I'm going to guess here: attach the switch assemblies to the circuit board with the plastic nuts. Press the skinny plunger before and after and the switches should click. Slide the buttons into the holes in the exterior plexi, then install the switch panel to the inside of the plexi.  This will hold the punch buttons in place.  Test the action of each switch again.  You didn't show any springs behind the buttons and you probably dont have any because they would rub on the circuit board.  This is a really dumb design as it's subject to moisture intrusion.

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