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Fluorescent light bulb for a DN 276


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I just ordered two direct wire LED bulbs for my DN276.  A local electric supply gets them from Keystone.  http://keystonetech.com/signhero/

I've already installed the bulbs in two of my Royal machines and they work nice.  You basically remove the ballast and direct wire the neutral to the top sockets and the hot to the bottom sockets.  They are pricey, but come with a 5 year warranty and don't need a separate power supply like the cheap strip LED options.

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Most 276 we had were F64 single pins but I have seen them double pin and seen some that were 4 bulb setups as well (2 four footers and a couple 24 inches if I remember right). If it was not a single pin setup I converted the tombstones to be single pins to have uniformity between all our machines.

 We buy the F64 single pin LED's online from D&S vending. They are close to $40 each but you can get away with just 1 per machine positioned right will light up the 276 or even the 501's really nice. 

You remove the ballast completely and start a pile of them to sell the scrapyard. Use the existing wires to join the bottom lamp holders together and tie into the hot or neutral then do the same to the bottom set of lamp holders. After I did a couple at the shop it was super easy and I was able to do the upgrade on all the machines on location while stocking. 

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