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Dixie Narco 276E ..Bottles falling in the middle of the night!!


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I own a Dixie Narco 276E (or 1203 as it says on the label)...I love the machine but recently bottles have been falling independently in the middle of the night. The shim is set up to vend these Aquafina 16oz water bottles. It is currently set for free vend as this unit is in my garage. 

I checked the white motor switch to see if it engages into the brown motor cam....it seems fine too me. 


What could cause a unit to self vend? 

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Is it only the water selection?  Do you have the correct shim and rod setup? It could be they are jamming, the motor stalls, overheats, shuts off and then when it cool down finished the bend cycle. Make sure of your setup

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