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Drink selection dead


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Newbie with a Seaga here (yes, I already know 😂). 

I have a drink selection that doesn't work. Totally dead. It started out sounding a bit "weak" then I thought I fixed it and it lasted a minute and now totally silent when testing motor. 

I have swapped out motors. Nothing.

Swapped out home switch motor. Nothing.

I hooked up a working selection to the connections of the one that is dead and it works. (D3 working connection hooked into motor of nonworking D4) However, it does a complete rotation. I am assuming it is the wire connected to the motor (the one with pins). Maybe it's something else? If it is that issue, how do I replace JUST THAT selection? 

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Try running a motor count.  I have had seaga boards that wanted to "lose" selections and it will usually re-find them on a motor count.   If it happens once it will reoccur though, so you will always have issues with that machine.  Sorry.

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