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Vendo 511


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I was changing shims with some pliers..

Touched the wrong thing when pulling a cotter pin

Something sparked.

Now all selections on my machine are showing sold out.

I've powered if off and back on, no difference.

Is it likely that I toasted the control board?  Just trying to figure out if there's something I don't know before I dump money in the thing.



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Allen, I'm an idiot I guess...  I'm unsure what you mean by "inner door button".  The only "button" I'm familiar with is the one used to change programming/test modes. 

26 minutes ago, allen watson said:

Try rotating each motor. I hold open the motor switch and press the inner door button to rotate them. 


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Sorry. The inner door button is a small metal button that gets depressed when the door is closed. Usually to the left of the coin mech near the center of the door. It faces inward and is depressed by the outer door and the solid metal inner door when the door is closed. It kinda blends in. 

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You have to remove the motor cover and locate the 1st motor. On the front of the motor is a circular disc with notches in it. You’ll notice a small metal arm attached to a micro switch. The small arm should be in one of the notches. 
push the metal arm out of the notch and while holding it, use your other hand to press the door switch. 

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58 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

Blown fuse in the top or side of the logic board enclosure.

I will look tomorrow!


allen,  I did what you’re talking about and non of the motors budge when trying to get them to turn manually with the switch.

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