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MEI 4-in-1 Bezel + USA ePort Telemeter


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Hi guys 


Is this ALL I need to run a MEI 4-in-1 bezel with a USA Tech Telemeter ?  OR do I ALSO need:


This as well ?

Can someone who has done this before tell me how to connect a MEI Bezel + USA Telemeter ?

thanks in advance

emailed USA Tech I got a reply that said to use a 'cable kit' with no other references (joke??!?)


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You need the two items shown in the USAT parts link.  That is a power supply for the bezel and the adapter cable to make everything fit together (the power supply is common to other items, so that is why the adapter is needed).  Maybe the capital vending cable has a built in power supply but I don't know because I don't use that setup.  Have installed 7 or 8 MEI masks with the USAT parts no problems.

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