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Hey guys!


im new to the vending business, I wanted to know if you all had any advice on how to transport my product from my car to the location. Also, what containers would you recommend? Should I use a dolly? 

Thank you,

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I started working out of my car.  Get the biggest dolly you can fit.  If you have a minivan, you can probably squeeze a convertible dolly in there.  If it's a compact car, you'll have to settle for a little one.  I had a small (about 3' tall) dolly I fit in front of the front passenger seat.  For a tote, I started with a cheap plastic storage tote from Walmart that had attached an lid on it.  As cheap as they were, it did me justice for MANY years until I upgraded to a combination of very large soft plastic ones and medium sized heavy duty storage bins.  The heavy duty ones are hard plastic and stackable but currently expensive.  They are the kinds that distributors use to deliver to convenience stores.

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