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AP 123 Nayax cash sales reporting


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Can anyone help with some ideas about why an AP 123 would not report cash sales?  Originally this machine was set up on the 7.95 a month plan and when I set up another machine with a card reader, I had Nayax update them both to the 9.95 a month plan.  Nayax claims this was done, and the other machine is reporting cash transactions but the AP 123 is still not doing so.  Are there any machine settings I should look at?  An eProm version I should be looking for?



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EPROM should be 5.24 or higher. Also, in the security menu toggle the "Product Codes" to 'AUTO'  instead of the default "manual".

That all said, some 120 boards just get stupid and lose sales data while continuing to work otherwise. Because of this, I convert these machines to In-One boards for field replacement of failed units. 

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