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Pb-3 and Pb-8 error codes on Dixie 501e

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So I got a call a over a month ago that my soda machine (501e) was “totally empty”. Well I knew it wasn’t totally empty cause I was there 2 day prior and filled it up. When I got there I test vended it before opening it and when you made any selection it would just immediately start returning your money. So when I opened it the error code was Pb-3. I push in the door switch and motor 3 homed itself and then everything was fine. Now in the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten several similar calls from that location with the same problem. Well except now it’s Pb-8. I searched online for that error code and couldn’t find anything. So I called Dixie Narco(Crane) and asked them. They said it’s a board error code. Ok do I replace the board and got the same error code Pb-8. So I called Crane back and they have no clue. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. 

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16 minutes ago, Chard said:

this is a board error.   replace the board

I did. Ended up getting the same error code. 

On 1/14/2022 at 10:11 PM, AngryChris said:

Replace all of your motor switches

I only had 2 new motor switches and I replaced motor switches 8 & 3 today. This code sometime takes a few days to pop up, so don’t know if it helped yet. I’ll replace the rest of the motor switches when the news ones I ordered come in. 


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