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DN 501e gone haywire


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This DN 501e of mine has been a learning experience to say the least.  

just purchased and replaced the selection membrane a few weeks back. Now apparently I find out there must have been an electrical malfunction. 

The selection buttons are out of sync with the motors. Pressing 1-9 activates the following motors
1,9,3,4,5,6,7,8 and pressing 9 does nothing. 

Am I correct in thinking 1-9 should activate 1-9 right to left on the 501e?

How can I reassign the motors?

What can cause this to happen? 


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7 hours ago, Chard said:

it sounds like a space to sales issue.   Check button assignments on sts.

Thank you. That will be the first thing I’m gonna try. What could cause it to be off like that? 

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57 minutes ago, AngryChris said:

When did this start happening?  Did you just get the machine?

Yes, I just took over the machine about 2 months ago, so it could have been like that from the get go. The guys there have been complaining about getting the wrong drinks but I thought I had it straightened out. I couldnt get to the SP mode to save my life and thats when I figured out the selection membrane was bad. Once I replaced it I was able to change the prices. I am hoping that my other problem can be fixed with the  STS menu. i am worried about the #9 selection as it does nothing when selected. All the others at least respond with its current price when I push them. 



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47 minutes ago, AngryChris said:

You should try pulling the battery for 5 minutes to reset, then reprice.  If you have a standard board, sts will be corrected.  I don't know if something like a coke board would do as you describe.

Good idea! I may just change the battery when I do it. No telling how old it is. Anything else I will need to reprogram when I pull the battery besides the prices?


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Sts assigns selection switches to the columns you choose,  So you can in practice make selection 1 activate columns 4,5,&6. ect.

If you buy an unknown machine or board it could have various criteria programmed, such as STS that could make your machine act the way you describe. 

Pulling the battery and keeping it out for a minute or two will erase the settings on the board and reset them to default.

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