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my royal 660 GIII program menu is different from what is usual, example it is contain CON from (C1,C4 to C9) and CON2 from (C10,C11,C12) and the normal should be C1 to C10). it doesn't contain CCOC at all! and it is contain bUSA which I dont know what means and inside it bACC and bSEC! also there is Stcl and dont know as well, no LAnG or Lit menu! will be very thankful if some one could help me specially my main issue is cant accept bills (take the bill but not stack it and through it back). please if any body know the flow chart of programing will be very thankful.

thanks in advance

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If your issue is with bill acceptance you need to be certain that the machine knows it has enough change to pay when a vend is made.  Does the display flash "use exact change" when the bill is rejected? If so, use the "tube fill" option or purchase several drinks with change so the board can keep count.  It is also possible that the bill acceptor simply wont accept bills because the bill path sensors are dirty and/or the belts are slick OR  the bill acceptor is set up to take bills 1 direction and you're trying the bill upside down or backwards.  The most common is with the president's face on top with the black seal entering the dbv first.

Royal was pretty good about explaining their menu items in the manual but sometimes you have to make sure you have the correct one.  There is likely a different programming manual for the Coke version vs "trade" or Pepsi.  There are also settings on your bill acceptor to consider.

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