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How often to update equipment


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This is something thats been on my mind lately and i want to get some outsider input. How often do you guys update your equipment to newer machines in the same accounts? In 11 years of business we’ve done this one time at accounts that we thought were deserving of it. Totally out of curiosity. 

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7 hours ago, AZVendor said:

At the prices of new or rebuilt machines now and the dearth of any newer machine actually being a good machine I would say never.  What did you upgrade from and to before?  I would simply remanufacture some really dependable machines and put them in.  LED lights, new paint and graphics, new labels and an upgraded logic board go a long way to making machines look new.  Even taking the leg levelers out, cleaning floor wax off the threads then lubing and threading them back in makes a difference.  Decades ago, I put rebuilt Rowe 447 cold food machines into some of a retail chain's breakrooms and I got more compliments on the "new" Rowe 447s than I got on my truly new Rowe 5900 snacks and new Rowe coffee machines.  

Others will probably tout the latest and greatest Crane pieces of plastic garbage or maybe even new USI stuff.  I would go USI or AMS over the overpriced Crane stuff any day if you have to buy new.

Awesome feedback it is much appreciated. As for what we upgraded we updated our very first account. A nursing home that we had a refurbed 407 vendo and rowe 4900 to a 501e and a 168. 

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