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USI Wittern 3503 unit not cooling..

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Hey guys I’m new here and this is my first post. I bought a satellite 3503 or cb300 as I’ve seen in the parts manual. I was hoping to get this running again but I’m at a loss. The unit turns on and I can hear and feel the fans in the back kick on. I can also feel some air flow coming from underneath the the vend chute, but I don’t think I hear the compressor turn on.I’ve left it running for 30+ minutes to see if it starts cooling but nothing happens. I was going to pull the whole deck out and try to fix the issue but I tried to just clean everything as best I could from what I could reach and see what happened. I also tried to add refrigerant but my gauge tells me it’s already at 3.5 oz. So I’m trying to see what this community thinks if I should try to pull out the unit and deep clean it or just save the trouble and buy a new one. Thanks for your help!

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Fancy gauge if it tells you it’s at 3.5 oz! Most only register pressures :)

Do you have it connected to a master snack unit? I’m unsure how these work, but if it doesn’t have an old style thermostat in the system, then it has a temp sensor and the compressor is controlled by inputs from the master unit control board. Check vendnet for a wiring diagram.

where are you located? Do you want to sell the unit?

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If the condensor fan runs then the thermostat is providing power to the compressor. If you never hear the compressor click on and/or off then it could have a wiring issue, bad start cap or relay or be a bad compressor. There is no guage that will tell you the charge amount if the compressor is not running so your reading is bogus, and guages only read in psi, not ounces. If you don't know this stuff already then you are the last person who should work on it.

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