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Ford gum machine or knock-off?


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2 hours ago, techguruz said:

Anyone familiar with the Ford machines that can tell me what the black piece on these Ford machines or are they just knock-off machines? A big plus to anyone that can identify and date the machine. Thanks


It appears to be a legit Ford machine and there are a lot of them out there with the black chute cover assembly. Anecdotally, I have heard that Ford put this version out in later years to accommodate the vending of larger product.  

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13 hours ago, techguruz said:

So did this addition cover the serial number plates on the machines? Or were they removed? Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately I don't know. This forum is focused more on active vending business than antique restoration so (unless someone else chimes in) you may have better luck on a site that caters more to that part of the industry. There is a refurb forum here as well but most of the activity there seems to be about full line vending machines. Sorry I couldn't offer more assistance. Good luck in your research.

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