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Vendo 511 won't turn on, leaky compressor, drink stacking


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The Vendo 511 has lights that work and a compressor that works, but I can't get it to turn on to access settings and have it be usable. Maybe the problem is that I plugged the machine into a low wattage power supply. Never got to see if it turned on in the first place so I'm not sure if this is the issue, but would like to know if this is a common problem. Heard the fan sound for a split second and then it turned off (did this a few times). Also it is leaking after leaving the machine on.

For stacking cans, it says the back spacer should be at 8 and 3 deep, but that only fits 2 cans + vertical cans. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do 2 rows then stack a few vertically or if I should move the back spacer to accommodate 3 cans. And, not sure if each row should be facing a certain direction (I know in some machines one row faces forward while the other backwards, in the manual for Vendo it shows the cans lined up on the gauge bar facing back so guessing that is what it is)

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Move back spacer back until you can fit 3 cans in it.  

I remember in a previous post you said you were supplying a portable supply.  Probably not strong enough to kick the compressor on.  Just to start the compressor it will pull a lot of power and then go back down.  
What is leaking?   Condensation into the drip pan or do you hear gas escaping the lines?   If the refrigeration kicked on it will create condensation from the evaporator.  That is normal.   I would suggest finding a dedicated power supply at this location. 

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The portable power supply I used at a storage unit, but it has power from an outlet now. Leaking by spilling water onto the floor next to it, it was on ten hours and there was a small puddle.

It was functional from the person who used it before and dropped drinks, but now it doesn't display price or have the bill dispenser work, but has the light and compressor functional.


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