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"No Sale" message on Futura Combo Vendor Model 3589


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Here's your manual:

I don't see NO SALE stated in it but I might have missed it.  What is your exact scenario that causes this message.  It could mean you have a bad coin mech or bill acceptor.  You can turn the power off, disconnect both and power up.  If the message can be erased or disappears then plug the coin mech in by itself, with power off.  If the message is still gone then your problem is the bill acceptor.  If the message comes back then it's the coin mech.  It might also be caused because all prices are at zero.

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I've seen "No Sale" before on a GVC1.  It was on a board I swapped in for cashless.  I got through setup, all was working.... Next day "No Sale".  Couldn't find anything in the manual.  So I just swapped out the board again.

Try changing the 2032 battery and then you'll have to do a factory reset on the board and reset up the machine.

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