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Nayax onyx not recognising certain keypad selesctions


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Bit of a weird one. My AMS sensit ii keypad works perfectly when selecting products. However, when you tap the nayax onyx card reader to pay by card, it doesn't recognise some selections.


It initially behaves normally; after a tap, it says please select the product.

If you select A2 for example, it asks you to present card. But if you select A4, the keypad beeps but the card reader doesn't give the option to pay.


A2 works, A4, A6, A8, A0 do not.

B6 and B8 work, B4 does not.

All other trays work perfectly.

Note that all selections work fine if the card reader isn't activated, ie. You can insert coins and then select A4/6/8 or any others. 

Seems to me like a signalling issue with the nayax unit.

Any ideas of how to remedy this?


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