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Foofnicks -- Any good?


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I was parusing the sandbsales (candyandtoy.com) website and I happened upon the Foofnicks 2" figures.  They have Foofnicks Swamp, Foofnicks Pretty, Foofnicks Tats, etc.  What I noticed about them where that they were $39 for 400 which makes them ~10c each.  That puts them around the same value of stickers/tats.  But my question is whether or not they are popular enough to sell well.  What good are they if nobody wants them, right?  So, does anybody here have any experience with them?

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I did have them and they sold really well. But like anything else, they started slowing down and I needed to change my machines. I had bought a pallet of them during a trade show, so I had to many for my route. I am completely sold out of them. If you buy a couple of cases at a time you will do very good with them. They are very weird but that's what kids like. They are a big collectors item. I have many people buy them for that purpose only. There is a website devoted to them. Crazy right?


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