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Wanting To Break Into The DVD Vending Machine Niche


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I can't say it will never happen but you are looking to tackle a task that is nearly impossible. all of the machines you are seeing out there are made by the same people that make coin star machines and they are all under national contracts that can not be penetrated.

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Don't give up to quickly on the DVD business. It is true that CoinStar is locking down those big chain accounts with their machines. Just like vending machines, there are always those independents that would do very well with DVD machines. I would check on prices first. Check on the cost of the equipment, stock (DVD's), credit card links, commission required, etc. Once you have all that, start looking for locations that are not near a video store.

CoinStar is doing alright with their DVD machines but not setting the world on fire. They have invested millions of dollars on equipment and their return is not great.

Here's a link that you can check out.


My source of financial facts come from the magazine; Vending Times.


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Our local Redbox is constantly busy at Walgreen. To get a redbox you need a business with at least 1500 weekly customers. Redbox is also owned by Mcdonalds so they are real hardballs. I bet someone could stil make some money with 1.00 DVD rentals if they had the cash to start I think most machines will run around 10K new plus all the other costs talked about

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Seems to me vending DVD's is vending the hard way.

First the price of the machine is immense, then the price of product(movies). Loss of DVD's, credit card company hassles, god forbid the machine goes haywire and you have to fix something that resembles a NASA space project. Competition is more then tough, its the big boys, coinstar, macdonalds ect.

No I think it's better off to start small, get a few gumball machines, sell a few pepsi's. In the long run I think you'll find it both more satisfying and profitable. But thats only my opinion.


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I just saw Blockbuster starter in the DVD vending.  I think this si going to become bigger and bigger in the next few years.  There might be a niche in smaller local markets and older movies Coinstar and Blockbuster do not want to do. 

CS/BB wouldn't touch a busy pizza shop.  Imagine grabbing a movie while waiting for a pizza.  One stop, no fuss.

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