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Transporting Machines to Locations


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This is probably a silly question but I will ask it anyway.  When I transport my machines to their locations, should I transport them full of candy or should I wait until I get the machine placed at the location?


Just waitin' for 2 more Dentynes bringing my toal to 8 being placed this week.



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I transport empty.  Of course, I do door-to-door locating, so when I go out locating, I never know how many I will get located that day.  If I took out 10 loaded gumball machines, and only place 5, then I would have to dump the gumballs back into the box.

What I do is carry the heads in my back seat, and the pipe stands and bases in the trunk.  I also have a large coleman ice chest to hold the bags of gumballs in the front seat.  I add some cold packs to keep it cool.  You need that for the Houston climate.  When I find a location, I assemble the machine in the parking lot and fill it up and place it.

I have a Chevy Cavalier, and I'm able to transport 10-12 machines at a time under those conditions.

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I carry my triple-head machines empty with the base off the stand. It is easier to fit them in the back sit without the bases. When I get to the location I screw on the base, bring in the unit, take off the empty canisters, go out to the car or truck and fill them and bring them in. I always test each with quarters before I leave.

Most of the time I will give the manager/owner the first quarter.


It's amazing how happy they get with that quarter.



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Also a good idea when adding candy or taking candy out of store locations to put on some of those cheap plastic gloves.  People who see you messing with a food product will feel better knowing it isn't your bare hands touching something they may eat.


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