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can anybody identify this machine?


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Its about 5' tall

sort of like a lighthouse.

No markings on it

It plugs in and has a bead of rope light in a groove around the center

also what is the height and width of a northwestern or a&a housing.

the housing just slides in the opening and the one in there is 6.5" wide and about 6.5" tall.

the coin mech does not recoil back and the chute is cracked and the door is gone, i was hoping to just put in a new housing in.

I sold all my a&a's to mainor but as I remember they appeared to be the same

I also need a lock for the top, see pic, it looks like an 1800, SSF, etc from the pic but it is smaller in diameter

Hoping somebody has seen one of these before

Thanks in advance for any ones input

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