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price change on royal machine

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I recieved a royal from coke with the wrong price point for bottles.it is a rvccr804-13.I believe I have to schroll til I find the price change menu but to do that I believe I have to enter a passcode of 4 numbers 4 3 2 1 on the "pass" menu.which buttons are these on the machine?is mthis the correct way to raise prices?I dont want to wait for coke to come out here.

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I think the pass code is 4 2 3 1, start from the top button and go down. (it's been a while)

But yes once inside the password protected programming menu scroll through until you see "Spr" press 4, scroll through to the selection number you want to change, press 4, (enter), the price will appear and then press 1 or 2 to raise or lower price and press 4 when done.

This is from memory but I think this is pretty close.

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