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baseball cards


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Craigslist & ebay are good places. You can also check your local listings for ball card dealers and they can hook you up. I would suggest finding alot of commons (cheap run of the mill players) and then pepper in some big name player cards. I have had more luck through the years with football and nascar trading cards. Basketball cards go ok in some places but baseball cards are usually always the slowest so don't buy a bunch!

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Thanks Kelly nice to know I've got a friend.

Rick thanks would have never thought of that.

Mini, part of the deal was cards, I'll rotate stickers in later.

Gumball guy, I check craigslist daily. Missed some great deals in the past.

Antonio, thanks for the offer but I've got thousands of sleeves.

I ended up ordering from Topps. NFL superbowl collection. 440 cards for $58 shipped..14 each, vending at .75 should do OK.

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