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There are still honest people in this world


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I have a vendesign in an office of quite a few employees.

They support the machine pretty well most months, other months.

Stopped by to service yesterday towards the end of day when not too many folks were in the office and noticed one of the coin mechs was broken.

Don't carry a spare for the vendesign with me and couldn't fix what was broken on-site.

Worse part: the mech failure resulted in free candy.

So the result was no more RP in the canister.

I taped the coin mech shut to avoid having anyone pop a quarter in there by mistake and left the canister empty.

When I returned this morning to replace the mech and add more RP there was a full staff on-hand at the office at that hour.

One guy comes by as I'm working and says, "Hey, we owe you some money for that candy we got".

I appreciate the offer, but for the sake of goodwill reply with, "Thanks for the offer but, you don't have to pay. It's not your fault the machine gave free candy. The machine just had a part wear out."

As I'm about done, a lady walks by and says almost the same thing as the 1st employee.

Again, I decline the offer.

She insists I wait for her as she's going to get some money from her desk.

She returns with $10.

I refuse the offer and tell her I can't take $10 from her.

She says, "It's from all of us".

AND HERE'S THE KICKER...she adds, "We all grabbed candy when the machine was giving it so we pitched in some money to pay you for it. That darn machine was nearly full when it broke, so please take the $10. We know you had to pay for what you put in there."

That was VERY refreshing.

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That's awesome. I've had a couple machines that the mech went bad, and I've never had that happen. That truly does show there are at least a couple of honest folks left out there.

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It wasn't free spinning.

The wheel was stuck in a position that left a gap just big enough to allow candy to drop down the shoot.

All they had to do was jiggle the handle and get 4 or 5 at a time....

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