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Turning a location around


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I have a minor success story to share.

A few months ago, I got this location in a mexican market. The commission was 30%

I placed a vendstar with candy. The wheels were set at really large vends(I was inexperienced).

First month- 8.00. This was a bad situation. I was using an unappealing machine,

selling candy with vends too large, and at a 30% commission. Sales were not where I wanted them.

After the first month, I added product labels and moved the machine to a better spot.

Second month- 10.00. Still poor performer. But I did not give up on it.

I moved it to another spot and waited.

Third month- 9.00. I was really dissapointed and the owner said to me when I handed him the change,

"This is not working out, this is not worth it for you or for me. Maybe you should try other places?"

I then told him that we did gumballs and toys. So he lets me have one last chance at it.

Two weeks later I brought in a nice, clean nw double with gumballs and bouncy balls. I took the vendstar


Today, I serviced and pulled out 17.00 from it. Not only did I gross more, I netted more.

With my over sized vended candy my cost was 45% and with a comm rate of 30% I only netted 2 dollars.

With my new arrangement, my cost was 17% and with 30% I netted 9 dollars.

Also, with my new arrangement , spoilage will be reduced greatly.

I know this is not a big deal, but this shows that with patience and tweaking, you can make the best

of your locations.

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Thanks guys, one thing I love greatly about this business is, if a placement

does not go well, no big deal. move it.

Was most of your income from the bouncy balls??

it was .40 gum , .60 balls

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I've had a very similar learning curve. It seems like everyone starts out with candy. I guess it is a natural, candy is fairly cheap, but so are the machines. I've have Vendstars since I started. This board absolutely is biased against them. There are some very valid reasons for that. The main one is that candy vs capsuled toys do not compare! Someone once said on here. "I don't turn on a blinker for less that $75. At the time that seemed unrealistic in vending since I was messing with .25-20.00/6 weeks stops with candy. Now that I am almost fully doing toys I really understand that a $75 minimum is a realistic expectation. Candy sucks, candy sucks!!!

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