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Rick Falcon

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Ok so this is the deal I have a NW.80 wich seems to be in great shape however when I put the quarters in no product comes out.I took a look at the mechanism and it looks ok to me. Any help would be great.


Rick, I have one doing the same thing. My capsule wheel is raising up when the mech is turned. I have the clips on that hold the wheel down but it is still raising. I haven't figured out what to do yet but that is my problem.

Hope that helps.

PS The center of the wheel is thicker than the outside. I don't know if it is a different style wheel or what.

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There are 4 "hold-down" rings (which are just washers) needed to secure the wheel. Depending on the brush housing, there may be just 3 hold-down washers with the housing as the 4th hold-down. Do you have all 4 hold-downs screwed in? If not the wheel can wobble and get the mech gear off track. Also make sure the wheel does not have any broken teeth. First test the wheel with 6 spins with no product to make sure each hole lines up properly after each spin. Are you using a baffle? I always use one regardless of the product - that also cut down on misvends for me

Also, are you vending something heavy? Sometimes 45/49mm balls can cause jam ups if filled to the top. I once has a machine with NFL balls and it would jam up when I filled it over half way. It was the only machine that would jam up on those balls and I could never figure out why.

True story, once had a late night service call from a lady upset with that machine. She told me she wanted a New York Jets ball for that misvend. I thought to myself, OK just another fustrated whining Jets fan! I then said, "Sure, would you like me to get Joe Namath to sign it"? Then she hung up!!! I replaced that machine and I don't mess with those NFL balls any more. Sorry to digress a bit.

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