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  1. Where to buy Dixie narco front panels

    Thanks, I'll look into that!
  2. Where to buy Dixie narco front panels

    Not trying to thread hijack here, but has anyone tried to customize the glass front of a bev max? Looking at a tourist type location and this would be a very cool thing to offer..
  3. what to offer?

    Yea its a 'steal' alright. Refrigeration problems or not. Looks like a 35xx model machine which are late 2000's to current. GVC2 board, CC capable etc. If a refrigerated combo as you say, that's a USI VT/ST3000 and its close to $4500 new. I own a couple of VT5000's and they are awesome.
  4. Machine purchase advice

    The machines are worth 4k on their own, so if the location is decent that's a good buy. Did you get any past sales numbers, and can you get model and serial numbers off the machines? A bev 4 is worth more than a bev 2 and an AMS sensit 3 is better than a Sensit 1
  5. I'm small scale, 10 machines over 4 locations. Trying to build a small but high quality route. All 10 machines have Nayax CC readers - it makes sense to have ALL your machines on the same system for a lot of reasons. I don't really think I use the management tools to their fullest either. One problem I had with Nayax is there was poor to non existant training/ documentation for how to use the interface. I end up having to call my rep for little things but they are quite helpful so it works out.. Its pretty valuable to track all your sales, do planograms for machines so you know when they are getting low and you can pre-pick the order if needed. Its great to be able to log in on my phone and see all machines are online and working properly - or not. If someone complains of a missed vend you can go back in your history and pinpoint the transaction, time, and usually identify the problem. All cash and card sales are logged. You can generate monthly/ annual sales reports by machine, by location, or for your whole business to see how things are performing and that makes tax time a breeze as well. As far as the actual 'refill management' system goes, it does take some patience to set up and it works something like this: Each selection has an associated MDB code (not necessarily the same as the selection number!). You assign this code to the actual selection on machine (A1 or 46 or whatever). You then assign a product to this selection along with a maximum count. Your management software now knows that you have, lets say Oh Henry bars on selection 46 in an 18 count spiral and so on.. Each time you visit the machine and restock to full, you click 'reset counters' aka the 'visit' button Now fast forward a week later. You can go into your management software and you will see a table of all the selections in that machine, what product is in each selection, and how many of each product has sold since last visit.
  6. I use Nayax and love it. Cannot compare as have not used any other cashless system but I find the management tools alone are worth the cost.
  7. *Bump* Bevmax 4 for $1500 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Soda-Vending-Machine/263073250086?_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D44940%26meid%3D99273c487c9c4d06864956185b3e8f03%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D263073250086
  8. How to buy a machine?

    Personally I would only trust a reputable refurbisher when just starting out, but you will pay a premium. Ebay and Craigslist deals can be cheaper but the vast majority of sellers will not be able to palletize and ship a machine, nor offer any support or warranty. You'll want an MDB/ dex capable machine for sure. Make sure the snack selections are dual spiral, and use product kickers on the candy selections. With those 2 things and good loading practices, missed vends will be kept to a minimum even without drop sensors. AP 123 or Crane/ National 167 are a good bet. Well built with all the features you need and parts are common. I use USI 35xx machines which are also great but a little newer and thus more costly. I bring machines into Canada from USA and even that can get expensive with the shipping and customs fees.
  9. Southeast you are correct about that. The staff were very disillusioned with the previous vendor as losing money was the norm. Old and poorly maintained machines. My prices are also higher than his were on chocolate and canned soda but tbh his were too low. Now this leads me to a question. Is there anything I can proactively do to remedy this? I've thought about short term sales/ happy hour pricing to encourage useage and create some new habits but am very reluctant to lower prices permanently..
  10. Immigrants yes, poorly paid likely.. but tbh I have another account with similar demographic and it does 400 per week - same population i better figure it out fast, about to move into 2 more factories on the same block.
  11. Roach coach haha.. AZ I had to google that one. None that I am aware of!
  12. There is a gas bar with a very small C-store a block away.. but my prices are equal or better. All machines take cash and card. Drink machines are glass front and everything is LED lit, freshly refurbished and looking great. Aside from coffee and water coolers I don't think there is anything supplied for free.. im currently seeing 50-75 a week at best in total gross sales snack/soda
  13. I recently won an account from a competitor. It should be a winner.. but it has been a dud so far. Went in with very good equipment, great selection and only hitting about 15-20 percent of what it 'should' be generating. This is a blue collar factory of 100+, predominantly young male population. I'm wondering what everyone's experiences are with turning around underperforming accounts like this?
  14. Curiosity...

    Part time only, going to see how 4 locations/ 10 machines works out before adding further. Don't intend to quit my day job which I enjoy.
  15. I've got a question for all you pros.. I recently landed a partially subsidized account. Electronics factory with an even split between white and blue collar. Company covers my wholesale costs. At what point do low prices cease to drive sales? For example, Will I be better off charging .50 or .75 for a soda? I think this demographic will be somewhat frugal, and obviously I want to create every day customers Nvb