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Is Pepsi going to split?

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I think that the reason why a lot of mega-corporations such as PepsiCo had bought up so many companies in the past decade was simply to boost their market share overall which would attract even MORE investors which would FURTHER increase their purchasing power which would allow them to buy MORE companies which would attract MORE investors to allow for MORE purchasing power... you know what I mean?

I think that, after so many regular Johns and Janes pulled their money from the stock market after it tanked, the big market-share war seemingly came to an end as these mega-corporations realized that they could no longer rely on their old ways of borrow borrow borrow and spend spend spend and had to reduce their companies down to increasing revenues and reducing expenses -- like how a company SHOULD be run. Because of this, I think they now realize that many of their previous acquisitions aren't really profitable to them or no longer make sense to keep.

I do think they will split off and I think that, ultimately, it is better for everyone that they do. I really think they ONLY wanted to attract investors and had no other real motives for most of their major acquisitions. The major question here is.... is inflation going to happen and how badly?

-my 2 cents.

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