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how much is a multicade worth?


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working on a deal to place another crane, guy said he will take it but

he wants me to buy 2 multicades off him that arent working. he doesnt know

whats wrong with them, they power up but "dont work" ... couldnt get any

more info than that. was thinking of offering $200/ea ...are these worth anything

in parts? dunno much about arcade games are they easy to fix, i was just

gonna resell them or use them at home. he has 3 laundromats so it could

be a great deal since he said he wants a crane for each mat.

there is no brand or anything he said the each have 30 games in them. and he bought

them off a guy who waranteed them then vanished.

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picking these up next week, hope they are an easy fix. theres an auction next month i will probably keep one and sell one. if anyone here is interested to buy them will sell for $300/ea as is + shipping. that is what i paid for them.

they are 30-in-one multicades , go for about $1490 new. the picture above is the actual units.

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