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Annoying Phone call


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Got a call from a location today

the barbercut lite game ate this guys $5.00 bill

and didnt give him any credits

the owner calls me upset and tired of giving refunds etc...

I have a small $10.00 money account there for this reason

i talked to the owner and asked him to take the man to the machine and insert the $5.00 i bet your five works fine and let him play out the five credits.

I have found that if you take them to the machine and insert the money it does 2 things twarts all the cash loss and it proves they were wrong etc.. or you fix the problem

the guy refused to go to the machine he wanted his $5.00 back...

so the owner give him the $5.00

so i take a HOUR-LONG 40 mile drive to check this out..

i get the owner... go to the barbercut... and i tried to explain to the owner that 95% of all customers who say

it took my money are full of golpher. S#&T

and they are scum of the earth and want something for nothing

i open up the bill acceptor to.... NO FIVES ... the was one five waaay back in the magazine from 2 weeks ago..

the owner was still annoyed i tried to explain and im like what you want me to do?

its the nature of the business.. people are not honest as they were 20 years ago.

these scumbag customers are the reason we lose alot of routes and places...

then the same scumbags they come back later and ask? where did the machines go?

I wish i was closer i would have confronted him and kicked him in his ding ding..

sorry just venting

so now i have a refund sheet



most who are cheating will not fill it out..

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I've had this happen once or twice, but because it's 25 cents, it's not worth the time for these people. I agree, the "quality" of people seems to be deteriorating, and we seem to find them readily in this business. I'm sorry to hear you drove all the way out there just to get ripped off Bill, some people are just classless. I like the new policy though- that would be a huge deterrent, if you can get the locations to work with you. Good luck Bill!

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good advice gonna add the info to my refund sheet. in a few cases in unattended laundries ive had customers call me for a refund i tell them give me your address ill cut you a check, they suddenly tell me forget it.

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Strange, once you showed the owner that there was no fiver in the dba, that should have been the end of it. You would think the owner would have said I'm sorry to bother you and hand you $15.00 in gas money and lost time. (dreaming of course)

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