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So I get a call...


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to come get a triple at one of my car dealers parts dept. because the guy they are using now is offering commission and I was not.

Not too upset at the time the location was a dud anyway but when I got there my machine was out back and the new machine in its place was a double head with the ID sticker on it that I know from other locations that we share. Now I was mad. I can just imagine his pitch, Hey I bet this guy doesn't pay you money blah blah blah!

As of now all my locs are charity locs. I hope this does not become a trend. I am all for cometition but for some reason I just hear him bad mouthing me.

Anyway for you that do commission on triples with candy what is you percent of "gross sales" to the owner and do you pay them at time of collection?

Sorry had to vent.

Oh yeah I have lost 5 locs in the past week.

the one from above

one changed their mind after a month

one they said disappeared 2 months ago (from new route purchase)

2 from business closed

Time to get the lead out and start locating again, not enough hours in the day!

Thanks for listening...

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I do commission candy triples. My worst is a 50% gross, and as you can imagine, those wheels are cranked way back. Pretty much any percentage you want is feasible.

However, here's where the guilt angle has to kick in- the fact stands that "Bob's Auto" doesn't care about the blind, or the helpless Cancer stricken children- all they want is money. Now, exploiting this angle could prove difficult, but a good preemptive against this sort of boot is to be known. Now, with a route your size, personalized service may be more difficult, but when I stop at my charity spots, I make it a point to see the manager/owner to thank them for their support of my cause, and how much it really means to me and the kids I help. If they don't have time, I have a form letter to leave for them. Nothing fancy, just a little note of thanks to the business from me, and the charity by proxy. Now, maybe I'm going about this all wrong, but I like to think that a manager would at least think twice about kicking out someone who is so very grateful that the business is helping this cause. I'm probably wrong, but that's where I'm at right now. Good luck out on the beat Sweetstop!

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Sorry you're losing these locations sweetstop.

It seems that kind of stuff comes/goes in cycles.

hopefully you'll be on the upside soon and adding more locations than you recently lost.

As far as the bad-mouthing goes...that's a huge assumption.

Maybe the guy made his pitch and appealed to nothing more than the money-hungry side of that auto dealer's brain.

Stereo-types aside, you wouldn't be that surprised to find an auto dealer who also happens to think with his wallet do you?

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I really hate for anyone here on the forum to loose a location. I would like to see every one do well. I under stand that you can do well with charity vending but the nature of this business is that others will try to take your locations. As you grow it will become a never ending battle. Not sure what he told the location but if he came across like he will pay where as your not he was honest. Just try to battle back if you can

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