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Looking for information on a Dixie Norco


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Hopefully some one can tell me about these machines, I have two of them model # dmv 72W. There ten select with buttons in the middle of machine with see thru plexie glass with the cans above the buttons and below the buttons. When I open machine there are slides that come out and you load cans from the side of the slide. They a board in them so I guess there MP machines. One looks in very good shape, just can't find no info on them.

If anybody can tell me if it's worth my time to mess with them or should I scrap them, before I bring them home. If pictures would help I can take some and post them.

Thanks Mike

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Sounds like you found a couple of the old flexpacks.

Dixie had to buy back most of the ones we sold they just could not get them to work correctly.

I say save the refer units if they work and send the rest to the scrap yard.


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