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National 145 / SnackTron 1


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Scored this National 145 / SnackTron 1 today for $100




The guy said that the coin changer does not work & the bill changer may / may not work. 


It had a $75 tax stamp on the front & there was at least $35 worth of coins in it so I figured for $100 bucks I couldn't go wrong. 


I'm gonna have to take it home & store it for now,  . . until I can get the $ & time to fix it up & place it somewhere.

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Awesome score!! Nationals are great machines and that was a great price. Mind sharing with us how you scored this at such a great price so others can learn from it also? Thanks


I found about the snack machine through a friend who sent me a text saying that they saw it in the local Facebook classifieds.  They forwarded me a picture of it to my phone & recognized that the carpeting was unique (had an outer-space theme with florescent planets) to the local bowling alley.  I saw that a couple of people had already low-balled the seller with offers lower than $100 dollars so I went to the bowling alley with 100 dollars (in singles) in hand after just having serviced one of my accounts & he sold it to me on the spot.  He also had a DN 501T & I asked him if it was for sale & he said that he would sell them both for $200 if I bought them at the same time.  I gave him another $80 in 1's & added a $20 bill from my wallet & he gave me a receipt for the two machines which I am going to pick up this Saturday. 


While I was there I noticed that they had 2 additional machines (same models) & asked if they were interested in having someone service them. He told me that they may be for sale soon because they going to remodel the entire bowling alley probably aren't going to be able to justify having a snack bar/concession stand plus 2 vending machines.  He said that he would know for sure if the other two machines were for sale when I came to pick up the two I bought on Saturday.


The way I look at it. . . . 


$75 tax stickers X 2 = $150

$35 coins X 2 = $70

$70 + $150 = $220 - $200 = $20 in my pocket ;D


They are paying me $20 to take the machines because the 2 tax stickers on the front of the machines cost $75 each & there is at least $35 in coins per mech in the coin mech's. 

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