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Help with a AP LCM4 Combo


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Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum - seems like a great place for vendors to meet up. I write with a question for my dad who is having major trouble getting this AP LCM4 Combo up and ready for a customer. Here's his problem...any help would be so very appreciated!!!!


Cans are not as cold as they should be; they may be around 50 degrees. To get to the thermostat, do I have to pull the entire lower unit up to get to it? Also the defrost timer mounted below, it was short cycling- I turned it manually to run longer. Is the problem usually in the thermostat or is it in the defrost timer?
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Welcome to the forum!  You will get tons of great advice here on any type of vending machine. 


If you have had your machine running for a day or more you might just be low on freon.  Can you hear a fan running in the cabinet when you open the loading door?  If not, you might have a fallen can blocking the evaporator fan.  If the compressor is low on freon, you could also have a frozen evaporator.  Make sure the vent screen is clean that pulls out from the front of the can module where it meets the floor of the cabinet (you might have to remove the door travel rod to remove the screen) and that there is 4 - 6" of space behind the machine for good air flow. 


There is no adjustment of the thermostat needed and the defrost timer is automatic with no adjustment possible at all (if you turn the timer you will only begin or end a defrost cycle, the timer will continue at that point).  If the unit short cycles with the condensing fan (by the compressor) running then you have a bad compressor.  If it short cycles with the compressor and condensing fan turning off together, then you need to replace the thermostat (unless you played with it and it's set too low now).


If you are low on freon, you will have to have a certified vending refrigeration tech come to recharge it.

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Thank you so much for your input. That's very kind of you to reply so quickly!!! I'm transcribing the message for my dad who prefers vending machines over computers :)


I, too, have been in vending for a long time but I never got into the AP combos machine. I inherited this machine when I bought a couple of stops from a small vendor. Do I have to pull the entire lower unit with the cooling deck together to get to the thermostat? It seems like the thermostat is in the can area. It must be the thermostat because it is cycling on and off, it just doesn't seem like it's running as long as it should.


Thanks, AZVendor. You're awesome (my words).

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The thermostat should be mounted in a small box right on the front of the can module. You will see a plastic cap on the front that covers the thermostat adjustment. the therm should be set to about 3 1/2 from it's zero position.

The short cycling can occur 2 ways. One would be when the compressor and condensing fan both turn off together, then turn on again a couple of minutes later only to turn off in about another minute. This would be a bad thermostat that needs replaced. The second scenario would be the compressor only turning off while the cond. fan keeps running. This would be caused by an overheated compressor due to a clogged vent screen or being to close to a wall, or caused by a bad compressor that would require replacement.

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Check to make sure no cans have fallen on top of the evaporator fan motor. Since the thermostat is a temp sensing  not an air over it will short cycle if the evaporator fan motor isn't working.


Those thermostats are about $70 dollars and are notorious for failing. 


I wouldn't replace it. I would get a Electronic cold control that is adjustable to the temp you want.


Ranco ETC-111000




I have used these on many machines for replacements. They work fantastic...

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I had a similar problem with a LCM4 last week. It had 4 problems.


1 the screen on the bottom of the machine had never been cleaned and was totally blocked.

2 The condenser fan motor was seized

3 The condenser coil was full of dust.

4 The evaporator motor bearing were going bad.



In short this model is a pain to work on.


1 Remove all the cans.

2 Unplug the 3 plugs from the can unit.

3 Remove the 4 screws holding the can unit to the machine.

4 Remove the can unit with attached refer unit from the machine.

5 Remove the screws holding the can unit to the refer unit.

6 Lift the can unit off the refer unit, be careful not the damage the sensor tube from the thermostat.

7 Wash the coil with a hose.

8 Make sure the fans both turn smoothly.



The fan that blows warm air out the back is likely bad when the compressor gets hot from the lack of air flow its overload trip and cycle off the compressor until it cools and it will then restart.


The evaporator fan motor part number 360202 is no longer available from AP but Granger 4M070 will work if you grind down the mounting bolts.




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