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AP Snackshop 7600 spiral problem


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Has anyone encountered two spirals turning at one selection.  The confectionary shelf D1 and D4 will try to vend together then get stuck, one will home when pushing in the white reset button.


This is also happening on the shelf below E1 and E4.  The rest of the machine is working fine.


I tried changing the board but it made no difference.


Could this be a problem with the harness to the shelves?


I am not sure what to try next.


Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to repair it.



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If you have already tried changing the logic board with the same result on the same selections, you then have a wiring problem in the machine.  This could be in one of the shelves, one or two motors, or in the cabinet harness behind the shelves. 


The first thing to normally do is swap a bad shelf with a good shelf, but both of your bad shelves are candy shelves so there aren't any other 10 count shelves to swap with.  You will have to pull the D and E shelves and look for any worn, bare or grounded wires anywhere on the shelf.  Also look carefully at each motor to make sure the problem isn't a wire issue on a motor.  The two wires to each motor have different size terminals so they can't be reversed, eliminating one possible problem. 


If you find no wiring issues in either shelf you will have to pull all shelves and inspect the cabinet back harness to ensure there are no grounded or pinched wires between any of the connectors.  If this doesn't show anything, you could have a wiring problem with the cabinet harness from the top connector of the A shelf to the logic board.  You will need to ohm out every wire from the logic board connector to a shelf connector for every wire in the header.  If they all ohm out (showing continuity) then ohm each wire to ground to see if any are shorted.  You will probably find a wire shorted to ground somewhere in the machine. There are no harness available for this model machine so you will have to repair yours or get a good one from a parted out machine.

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Thanks for that info, looks like I have a job to do!


I am thinking the shelves are probably ok as both of them have the same problem, therefore its probably in the main harness.


Could I try a shelf from an AP 4600, or is that not compatible?

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I once had a similar problem I found foil wrapped candy bar impaled on the shelf plug the foil connected many of the pins together.

Another possibility is bad a diode on one of the motors.

The first thing I would do unplug all but one shelf.

Test vend every motor on that shelf.

Add and test shelves one at a time.

If you still have the D1 D4 problem with the other shelves unplugged swap the D shelf with a shelf does not have the problem.

If the problem moves with the shelf the problem is on the shelf.

If the problem does not move remove the harness from the machine go over it inch by inch you will likely find a damaged spot that you can repair.


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I've had this problem many times, usually its a bad motor.  Swap trays first with the D tray to make sure the problem is in the tray.  If it follows the tray, I'd likely a motor, maybe a harness.  If it stays on the E row and happens in the D tray you put there, then there is a main harness issue on the wall plug, or the control board is going bad.

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