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Toy Taxi board problem


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I am working on a toy taxi that will not drop the claw.  Problem is in the board.  So far I have swapped all socketed IC's with another crane, replaced two caps that were swollen, switched two of the relays to see if that would create a different problem.  When turned on the crane goes through its self check fine and everything works as it should but it wont drop the claw during game play and then freezes at that spot.  Anyone have this before?  Any ideas on what else to try short of buying a new board? 

Last time I called Coast to Coast with a problem their response was that they don't fix boards but would sell me a new one for 375 and give me a 25 credit on the old board.  I ended up fixing that problem fairly easily.  Why do they want old boards if they don't fix them?


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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did you try the board in a different toy taxi ?

and did it do the same  


if not check for...


Wound string is stuck 

have to really look sometimes around the pulleys to catch a stuck string or a stripped gear  

hit the button and see if the motors turning but the gear is stripped



Drop button is bad 

trace the drop switch wires back to the motherboard and press for conductivity


check connectors inside coin door to make sure they are solid    

( where they come apart to remove coin door)


check upper trolley wire harness for loose or pinched wires



if you did swap the board in a different toy taxi and the problem persists

pull the board..



RE-solder all pins for the trolley harness on the main board   the parallel connector 





pull 1 lead from the battery  3.8 volt  to reset eproms.



then when you reset it should show a 08 error  hold both buttons on the motherboard and turn on


it should read 99   that's the 1 out of 99 adjustment    once you set that it should reboot normally




that should clear up problems  

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Bill you always have great advise but I want to mention something. The coast to coast cranes have under gone a ton of redesigns and manufacturer changes. The first coast to coast cranes I bought were feilolis, S&b cranes for awhile were also feilolis, smart then cut a deal wiyh feiloli to be exclusive. I have stuck with the feilolis to simplify repairs.

All that said the problem with coast to coast cranes is they may look the same outside but be very different electronically.

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Yes I agree  they are a mix match of years


I have some toy taxi feilolis



and I have some prize palace   (double up ) feilolis



feilolis are a great crane  and if and when I stick to one brand.. that's the one I would go with .




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I have the original C2C (Prize Depot) cranes which were Wumar. Then Coastal got the Wumar deal.

They are the only brand I run and easily the best made for the money in my opinion. Feilolis aren't bad though just not as strong.

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I had both and I have sold the wumar harng and use exclusively feioli cranes...............where I live the importers of feioli has the cranes made to Australian standards which is higher than what they would normally export and the new style ones are the best I have ever seen, the boards are totally new and they are very simple to adjust with many more features.


I have tried to post pictures so you guys can have a look but I cannot seem to get the darn thing to work.....

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The boards on the Wumars last forever and never really break down. I don't even remember if I ever had one go ,maybe one in like 15 years. Not sure how much better you can get then that.

They have all the features needed 2 claw strengths and your choice of 2 different auto percentaging, No more features needed here in the US.

I got rid of my Feioli's and just sticking with the Wumar's . 


Feioli's are a great crane also Larry.

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