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Whats this machine worth?


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I have a factory breakroom wanting a snack machine.. breakroom is big so no space requirements..the guy said bring a used machine cause it will get dirty and beat up..so I went on the hunt for something used and I found this machine on Ebay.


Description says: "Up for bid is a used national vending machine. It comes with a working coin mech and dollar acceptor, the dollar acceptor could use some new belts. It is location ready and comes with a lock and key. Some scratches and dings. It has some holes on the side from where I had a change machine at one time. Local pickup only and must be picked up immediately, I am moving. I have other vending machines for sale too. This is being sold as-is, no returns, no warranty. Feel free to ask any questions."


My question....whats it worth?


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That is a National 145 and it's good that it only has one candy shelf as you might prefer more snacks than candy if it's not a high volume account.  If it still takes bills and gives credit then the belts aren't too loose, but the validator is a Maka boat anchor and you would be doing yourself and the account a big favor by upgrading it to a Mars 2501.  If you need parts for that, send me a PM.

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good buy for a $100


Get rid of the maka


If upgrading to mars you will have to change the E-Proms on board. Mars won't work with the E-Proms unless the board was upgraded some time in the past.


I would upgrade it to MDB 

Tuff front

Led lights

Maybe paint the rest

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