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Who makes this?


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That's an Impulse Industries machine.

I don't own any, but I would trust them.

I don't recall ever hearing a bad thing about ANY Impulse equipment.


My only concern is price.

They are COSTLY.

$700 new for the set-up in your pic.

I'd rather buy a few A&A/Advance flat machines for that price.


But, again...quality shouldn't be a problem with that machine.

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The guy is asking 350.00 or best offer for it. I love the looks of it..would be a great for a "nicer" location..but for the 350.00 a guy could buy more then one sticker units..

he also has a 5 way northwestern rack for 300.00 - only issue there is both 2": have 50 cent mechs and all 3 1" are .25 mechs..



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Impluse is a moneymaker by looks alone..



get it






Agree with the Impulse machine being very nice, however the price is a little high.

I have a 6 column Impulse in great condition for $250.



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Have a picture of it Fred?


No ... just go on Impulse's website and look at the 6 pack machine which is the same one in the same color.

I love deals on flat machines. We are picking up 22 AA and brand four col for 100 each.



 I have a better deal then that Brands for $75 a piece.

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Who makes this sticker machine? Whats a used one worth in good condition?

A member here text me last night saying that there was one of these near me for 125. It's 30 min away and has the four col set up plus the wings with 30 inch NW machines. Turns out the guy has several of them

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