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Buzz Bites - The Shocker!


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Alright Guys!  I want to tell you the story of a man who could! 

I know that many of you think Buzz Bites are just a fad in vending and they may be, in vending.  However, they are doing some GREAT things for my clients!

I've got a client in Austin who landed a convenience store account with 1200 locations!  No machines required, he just brings in a case, sets up a display and boom.  They sell them FOR him!  Wonderful margins, very little cost.

I've got a client in PA, doing amazing things again!  Over 200 machines!

Another in NC, amazing!

And yet another in TN, SC, MD, CA, and NJ all doing amazing things.  They've got over 1000 machines combined and the income is astronomical! 

I know, the machine cost is big.  To be honest, I would never pay it.  But go to eBay you can buy them used.  Or just look on one of the buzz bite forums for used machines!  They are everywhere. 

Here is the key!  Buy Machines, Get Good Locations, AND HAND OUT SAMPLES!  Lots and lots of samples! 

Once these things take off they will take off big. 

Now you can even buy the Buzz Bites from Mad Dog Energy even if you don't own machines.  I think the minimum is about 4 pallets full of product. 

I would love to do a live chat on Buzz Bites!

By the way, I have no affiliation with Buzz Bite's or any of the manufacturers! 


Robert Patterson, President


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The guy from Austin posted on the other forum about his successes, but other than that it seems that all the success stories are second hand.I dont doubt that there are individual locations performing well but I sure would like 1 person to come on here and say that his business as a whole is doing well and the ROI is reasonable.

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Four skids of product is a lot of product. I would say literally a ton of product. A local guy here last month got a 40+ case order of just gumballs from Oak. I saw it come across my dock and checked it out to see what was up with all those gumballs. I had the delivery guy ask when he delivered them what was up. Seems they are rich and his wife does it to stay busy. They donate all of it to charity and don't keep any of the money. Nice thing to do but that is what I am up against here in our county for competiton.

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This summer I ordered a pallet of Oak Leaf and had to unpack it from the truck by hand and walk it up steps into my house.  I know how much product a pallet is, I cannot imagine four pallets of Buzz Bites!


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