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Dixie Narco 501T/MPC-8


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So I got this DN501T for $100


& finally got some room in my garage & time to work on it.  It won't take bills, but when I open/close the door I can hear the bill changer cycle.


It will intermittently take change but coins mostly pass right through it.


When I finally do get it to take coins, the credit shows up but when I press the selection button nothing happens & then a few minutes later it spits the coins out.


When I try to get into the setup menu I can only get to the first part.  The instructions say to press the service button & then press the A+B buttons at the same time to get further into the menu, however when I do this it won't go past the sales total section.


I have a spare working coin changer I can use to test with.


What do I need to do to upgrade this to work with one of my spare known working MEI or Coinco DBA's?


Is there something I am missing or does the fact that I can't get fully into the menu indicate something more is wrong than a simple Validator & Coin Mech replacement are needed?





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It may not be accepting coins if no prices are set but in that case the machine would free vend.  If it has lost it's pricing it may need a new board if it can't store the prices for periods of no power.  The way the programming works is kind of tricky and nothing like the SII or SIID boards. 

  • You start by pressing the service mode button on the board and you should then see S-T on the display for Sales Total. 
  • Hold buttons 1&2 together (very touchy and particular) to move through the menus. 
  • Press 1&2 to show HPt which is Historical Product Totals and the total cash through the machine (non-resettable). 
  • Press 1&2 again to see HPc for Historical Product Counts.  With this on the display you can view vend totals by column.  Now is the first quirk in the MPC programming. 
  • To move to the next group of menu items you must press 1&2 together in successive turns to get back to HPt at which time you must HOLD the two buttons for 5 seconds until the display changes to C-D for coin dump. 
  • Now pressing 1&2 will move through the 2nd group of menus, the first of which is ESC for Escrow.
  • The next item is S-P for set price.  When S-P is on the display you may press any selection to adjust it's price.   
  • The last menu is n-t for Motor Test.  With n-t on the display you may press any selection to run one test vend of that motor.

One thing to look for on this machine is that there are still metal dividers between the single column motors.  Those are there to shield the motors from each other and is another quirk of this machine.


Your MC5000 coin mech could be toast if the acceptor was ever tilted down while it was powered up.  That can cause an arc on the card edge at the bottom of the acceptor and toast the coin mech.


To upgrade the bill validator going from a Maka you can do this by using an interconnect harness from the end of the Maka harness to a Coinco BA/Mag 50 validator.   Let me know if you need one and I'll get it off to you.


Hopefully this will get you on your way.

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