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Dixie Narco DNCB501T/280-S


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It is an older machine but you can't tell the actual age from the model number.  It's probably a single price machine and it is 3 cans deep.  There are many more factors than model a price to consider such as what condition it's in and what coin mech and bill validator does it have.  Does it get cold?  Too many possibilities to offer a value though $475 is probably too high.

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Here's what you need.


Check the condition of the machine.  Is it clean inside AND outside?


Check to see if the machine cools.  If it runs for 24 hours and it is NOT frozen inside and the machine is cold inside, that's good.


You HAVE to check the coin mech and validator... this should require you to stock the machine with some soda AND stock the coin mech will change.


If you don't know how, we can give you steps to do that.  It is important to check these things because it greatly affects the value of the machine.  If the machine has a metal validator that doesn't work and the coin mech rejects too much change, the value of the machine has gone down below $300.  If the machine is also dirty and doesn't look very nice on the outside, the machine could be approaching $200.


Here is a quick idea of how much it costs to repair most common things on a single-price 501.


REPAIR a coinco BA series validator OR mars VN series validator: $40-$60


REPLACE a metal validator with a coinco BA or Mars (preferably) VN validator: $100-$175


REPAIR coinco/mars (usually mars 6800H) coin mech: $40-$60


REPLACE coinco/mars validator: $60-$80


REPLACE motors:  $20?


REPAIR refrigeration deck:  $250-$400


REPLACE refrigeration deck: $400+


Assuming NOTHING worked on this single-price can machine (except for motors), it could easily cost you well over $250 to repair and/or upgrade the machine.  I can often get location-ready machines DELIVERED for less than $650.  If someone wanted $475 for a machine that needed that kind of money put into it AND I had to pay someone to move it, I wouldn't even bother.  For $475, the machine would have to be clean, give and accept change, and at least have a modern bill acceptor on it.  I would also verify that the machine cools for 24+ hours without building up ice.  If all of this checked out, I would consider the machine but it would cost me $125 to have it moved (now it's $600) and then ANOTHER $125 if I needed to move it from my garage to the location.  That's why it would have to be nearly PERFECT in terms of operation and condition.  Otherwise, I would simply pay a distributor the $650 for a machine that I KNOW works right (and is warranted if not) and let them deliver it where I want it and when I want it delivered.

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