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Hello from Ottawa, Canada.


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Hello to everyone,


I have been reading topics on this very helpful Forum for the last few months now and decided it was time to register =).


A bit about me. I started my own Bulk Vending Business about 2 months ago. I started by buying 12 U-Turn Terminators. 3 were already placed.


To make a long story short, I knew U-Turns weren't the best machines out there but they were cheap to start up with. Now that I am a bit more established, I am moving towards all Beavers or Beaver Clones. I didn't get rid of my U-Turns but I modified them so they are now only 4 canisters. The issues I found with the U-Turns, they were a pain to service when they were 8 unit, now 4 is not too bad. Of course the plastic mechanisms is probably the worst part, kids will yank at them and get free candies. But I found that if you place those machines where there aren't too many kids around, you are safe, people in a garage for example, won't do that. There was the final issue of having too many products in 1 machine. It looks good to have that many products, but they will spoil. So I found 4 units to be perfect, I just filled them up only half way to keep the products fresh. The good points of U-Turns is they grab attention and don't use much space.


Anyways, I purchased a truck load of used Beaver Machines (Tritons, 6 stands, 4 stands, triples and doubles). It's much better than U-Turn but not everyone can afford them to startup. My advice is, buy used and if you are not sure about what you are buying or lack the knowledge, bring someone with you that knows what to look for and tell you if the price is fair. There are many good quality used machines out there and at good prices, you just have to be patient and find the deals. =). I also purchased a few Rhino Triple Heads that I find pretty good.


Anyways, that's my story so far. I have 12 locations and my goal is to have approx. 100 locations.





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