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Any thoughts On These?

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The 3130 is a 3 wide snack with an F80 board which is MDB ready.  The soda is a multiprice can and bottle machine and is MDB ready.  The coffee is an ok model.  The real problem I see is the Harley graphics that you can't just stick any old place.  The new sign for the coffee and sodas won't be real cheap as they have to come from USI.  It doesn't matter what any other place might sell a machine for, the price will be what a buyer will pay for it.  No used coffee is worth $2350 and this one as a used one isn't worth $1000 either.  Because this guy might have overpaid for the machines, don't let that make you overpay as well.  The price on the snack is ok and the soda is a little high.  Maybe both for $1000 and he can keep the coffee.


If you get any of these and need parts like the signs, let me know and I can get them for you.

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