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Machine Deals Thred


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Now, I already have amassed a great supply of machines,


7- Northwestern TripplePlay(one of the most aesthetic machines I've seen)

I bought for 57 a piece, good used condition, everything works.

Recently I bought 30 complete Northwestern M-60 with glass globe, and about 10 others Nws60 with no globes, so extra parts. All that for 400$ cash.

With all this in mind, I haven't any machines on location yet, will start prospecting, and landing locs tomorrow, and Wednesday.


I'm thinking of what machines to purchase next, I will be doing toys, and stickers aswell.

And came across this 8 way beaver rack for 400$ asking price,

4 2", 4 1"

Yes, I am going all into this business, as I love sales, marketing, networking, and bulk sales.

So I'm guaranteed successful in my mind, and will never ever give up.

Cheers, mates; also don't ask where I'm located.

I'll inform after I'm done prepping my market.



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The northern 20 beavers are around $209 new, not sure how much the northern 30's run, and the flat pak sticker machines are around $250-300a piece, also that rack new is about $250. Used I would pay $50 to a $100 a piece for the northerns used depending on how bad I need them.

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$400 for that rack on a j-stand is not a bad deal.

Make sure you factor in that you MIGHT need to replace those coin mechs.

In many markets the mechs on those machines are already outdated at .25 1" and .50 2".

If, however, your market still goes at the lower price-points, you need not worry about new mechs right now.



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Thanks for the replys guys, I got a lot of great deals around me, I'm trying to decide what to pick up next.

I can either grab 45 PO89s without stands or locks for 500

That 8 way beaver rack for 350

Just ran into this one today, I can probebly pick up a lot of these shootin hoops for 50 pop,


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So I can get 10 shooting hoops for below 50 dollars a piece

I think I'm addicted to business guys

There are worse things to be addicted to. I think shootin hoops at $50/each is a great price. If I had a place to store them (sounds like you do), I'd pick up as many as I could.

Nice find.

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Yep, Bought, and cleaned up 9 of them for 400.


They are really nice machines, I love the strong plastic parts, and premium beaver hopper, and coin mech.


Im excited to get these placed, I expect to gross 60$-150$ per machine.


Ill be getting 20 more of these I think soon aswell.

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Great deal!!! Your expectations are a little high for an average, although a few may hit these high #'s. Expect $30.00-$50.00 for all 9 as an avg. I have 3 out of 40 that avg $60-$100 and I have a majority at fairly good locs.

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I also expect that much average because I live in a HUGE tourist destination with 1000s of people walking past my locations everyday.

dont ask where yet. ;)


Well if that is the case, maybe consider having two hoops at some locations (space permitting).  One with gumballs at 25 cents and the other with superballs at 50 cents.  Just make sure each machine is labeled properly with the choking hazard display on the superballs.

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Hey Guys!

I appreciate all the help, and awncering of questions that Ive asked.

Being apart of this forum has helped me tremendously over my vending Journey;

And Ive only just Started!


Anyways, What is this machine?

ANd whats its value, I can get this for 50$




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be careful when thinking of the new price while buying used equipment.  REMember: the only reason that you are looking at the equipment is that someone no longer wants it. Do NOT work back from new value.  Work from its true value of $0.

be cautious, as some of the plastic machines look really good, but will not hold up  to any retail traffic.

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