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AP 4/5/6/7000 interchangeability


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Hi everyone, I just wanted to know which parts on AP machines (specifically AP 4000,5000,6000, and 7000 DEEP cabinet models) are interchangeable.


If my understanding is correct, the spirals and motors are all compatible with each other (as long as the cabinet is the same depth).


Are AP 4000 shelves compatible with AP 7000 shelves?  AP 5000 and AP 6000 shelves?


What about AP 430/435?  Are those shelves compatible with the AP 4/5/6/7000's?


The reason why I ask is because I am going to scrap several machines soon and I want to salvage things.. especially spirals.  I have already installed some AP 435 spirals on some AP 7000's as I needed to replace some spirals that had far too many slots and it made my chips fit too tight.  I noticed that the AP 435 retainer was a different style than the newer models but it has worked fine so far.


Anything else compatible?

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No physical shelves are compatible between generations.  The exception might be the LCM series.  Otherwise no steel shelves, rollers or axles, or harnesses are compatible.  Only the roller nuts are compatible and the snack shelf fronts from 6/7k to 110.


435 interchangeability:  Spirals to all later snacks but they'll be at a little different clock position, door lift handle to 4/5K, light ballast to all, coin box to all, front and rear legs and leg levelers to all.


4/5K interchangeability:  Spirals to all later snacks, motors to 6/7k only because the 110 uses snap in motors,  select buttons to 6/7K, power transformer to 6/7K, coin box to all, light ballast to all, front and rear legs and leg levelers to all, coin return cup to 6/7K and 110, snack shelf front to 6/7K and 110.


You can send me the 4/5K boards if you don't need them as well as the mode boxes and any validator retrofit kits.

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