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Not Cooling


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Hi guys and Gals,

I'm having some problems with my schools vending machine, its not cooling. Its actually arguably wormer than outside of it. I think thermostate is working because it is showing the correct tempature.

I just became in charge of it and it seems like it has never been cleaned. The bottom grate where the air comes through was completely blocked by dust. I obviously cleaned that.

It sounds like the conpressor is working but its not cooling. There is this black solid stuff coming out of a pipe near the conpressor. Its almost like carbon.

I dont know the model of the vending machine, but ill look it up tomarrow and provide some pictures. But before then, does anyone have some sugestions on how I might fix it?


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Since your condenser was totally clogged that would have caused the compressor to work too hard, overheat and shut off. You need to unplug the machine for an hour or more so it can cool down. Remove the dirt by pulling a comb down the front of the condenser coil then make sure the machine is at least 4 inches away from the wall. After an hour you can plug it back in and see if it now cools. Hopefully you didn't burn up the compressor. The "pipe" you mention is just the condensate drain hose from the cabinet to the drain pan. If moisture is coming from it you might have had some ice on the evaporator inside the cabinet that melted when the compressor turned off.

Let us know the result.

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When you get to the machine


1 Is the fan that blows the hot air out the back of the machine running?

2 Is the fan that blows cold air around the inside the machine running?

3 is coil inside the machine frozen over with ice or frost?

4 If you touch the top if the compressor is it very hot?

5 If you touch the top if the compressor is it vibrating?

6 Do you hear hum and then a ping every few minutes?   



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