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Bad News And Update on my Eco diesel This is Absolutely Ridiculous...


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If you can share this story on Facebook maybe that might Chrysler notice and do the right thing..



Bad News And Update on my Eco diesel This is Absolutely Ridiculous....

 2014 ram 1500 Eco-diesel Laramie Limited 10,000 miles. Sticker Price  $58,000
 Had issues with exhaust in cabin, and loss of power. 
 it was slower than a ford festiva. I would hit the gas and it would think about it... then go.
 And it was as loud as a 1982 bobcat diesel.. i kept telling them its too loud..
 Took it in on 1-15-2015 
 dealer kept it 12 days 
 Said nothings wrong... updated software..
 CEL service electronic throttle cable. 
 took it to closest dealer 
 02-06 -2015 they call its ready for pickup...
 loose hoses on the turbo.. everything is OK.
 i pick it up hoping that its much quieter and sounds normal..
 NOPE... loud as ever.. I state to the service people..
 Go out on the lot and start a new Eco-diesel...see how quiet it is compared to mine there is something wrong...
 02-06-2015 1/2 a mile later 
 CEL service electronic throttle cable 
 turned right back around and dropped it off at the same dealer..
 Call Chrysler started a star case.. 
 Flash forward to 02-20-2015 
 No calls or updates from the dealer i decide to visit my truck
 Its apart... they ordered a new turbo.. the turbo and engine overheated and they are only replacing the turbo..
 and when i say apart... transmission is on a table... drive shafts are out. most of the engine is apart. 
 I speak to the mechanic for a minute and he states 
 and then accuses me of putting gasoline in it..
 at that point i lost it.. 
 called Chrysler star back and demanded a buyback.
 Chrysler star offer a exchange on ANY fiat group car or truck.
 I agree to that verbally on the phone.
 and that someone will contact me to go over details..
 the person contacts me on 03-05-2015 
 and states that I must pick in-between 56,500 and above car or truck anything above i pay the difference.
 I ask what about my $3,000 in dealer and aftermarket add-ons.. she states they go onto the new truck..
 Plus the extended warrantee and oil change package $2500.00
 .....WAIT... i was offered any car or truck I choose... now your telling me i have no choice..
 or lose $3,000? so if want the jeep? and i am limited on price too?
 that's not what i agreed to.
 I am not trying to be difficult but don't offer any then limit me to one..
 I will still consider a trade only if it is in my favor at this point... 
 Fast forward to 3-11-2015
 I get a call from the dealer my truck is ready and FIXED!
 I go there and pick it up... 
 They pull it around and it sounds HORRIBLE LOUD AS EVER.
 there is pumps running constantly 
 there is noise out the front end of the engine..
 its loud...i can actually hear the exhaust leaking. 
 and i call the service manager out to hear it.
 HE is suddenly DEAF... he hears nothing wrong...
 I tell him go get the keys to any Eco diesel on the lot and side by side them..
 he refuses.. tells me to drive it and bring it back if the noises don't go away..
 I leave very angry and know its a ticking time bomb of return..
 20 miles later... 
 which is a very dangerous thing to happen at speed you can be rear-ended and cause a accident.
 I guess i know what pump it was..
 Back to the dealer it went.. 
2 Days later..
 I get a call at 430 pm the truck is fixed (AGAIN)
 I talk to the service manager and I can hear the mechanic in the background..
 I ask is it fixed? YES... 
 What was the issue? RESET CODES... 
 Why did it throw the code? No Answer..
 You mean you didn't fix anything? No Answer...
 I drive over drop off the rental and pick up the truck..
 seems ok...
 I take family out to dinner and on the way back home at 1030.....
 The mechanic didn't fix anything he plugged in a programmer and deleted the code..
 didn't find out why or investigate anything...
 Well they got what they wanted... I will not take my truck back there ever again..
 Just so everyone knows.... 
Telegraph Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram ... Taylor Michigan 
 Worst dealer I have ever dealt with and service is worthless.
 I am furious with the whole situation 
 what online school did these mechanics go to? what 2 week course did they pass?
 Why would a service department release a truck making all those noises and pumps going?
 This is beyond anyone should have to go through who spent top dollar for a truck.
 DAY 60 no truck...
 3 payments and lost business
 I have had to rent a truck to move machines this truck was bought to do.. $500.00 out of pocket.
 I have to rent another box truck next week to move machines again... this is really hurting my business..
 if your on the fence about buying a Eco-diesel i would not recommend anyone to buy.
 Not that your truck will be a LEMON but if it ever requires service the Wal-mart jiffy lube people the dealership hires cant fix a lawn mower
 let alone anything at all..
If i do not hear from chrysler or Texas firm by Next week i am going to hire a lawyer..
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Biilnuts that is crazy!


Lawyer time!


Your not the only person experiencing that kind of trouble with that brand of truck!


Goggle Dodge forums. 

that is true lots of people are having issues around the 10k mark with these new non-cummings motors. not to sound like a dodge hater(i love my 1978 dodge truck) but look at their recent lists of recalls and tsb notices. lots of issues with dodge in the last few years. hope you get it sorted out though cant be without a truck. 

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