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Snacktron 2/ National Crane 146 won't go into Free Vend or change Price

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I have a snacktron 2 / national crane 146. The current bill validator is not working. The coin operations are working. Everything except the bill validator is working. I am trying to make the machine go into free vend but long beeps sound off every time I try to press either free vend or price (to make prices zero) while door open. 

The screen says coins only. 

test vend works perfectly fine. 


I do not need the bill validator. I am assuming that I can not change to free vend because it says coins only. 

Is this correct? 


Is there anyway to bypass to either reset the prices to zero or force into free vend? 


Could we close a circuit on the bill validator control board? 


Thanks in advance, 



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The long beeps mean that those programming functions are currently locked out. You will see a key switch located behind the credit display. When the key is vertical (#1 position) that locks out predetermined functions. When the key is in position 2 all functions are unlocked. When in position 2 you can designate which functions you want locked out when the key is at #1. However it doesn't sound like you would have a need for that so you can just leave the key in position 2 (horizontal) and your free vend and pricing functions will work.

I forgot to add that when you press the free vend button all selections will be free until you again press the free vend button. If you don't want all items to be free then you'll need to program the free items to prices of zero.

If you ever need a replacement bill validator for this you can send me a PM.

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Thanks for the insight Az. I think you are talking about the Data Access Control. I can not locate this and think this model didn't come with it since it says optional on the manual. I checked everywhere. Is there another method to unlock the operations? Is there something on the main control board or bill validator control board that can activate the unlocking? 

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