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Ford gum (Fordway)


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Do operators for the Ford charity program (Fordway) vend any capsules?


The only setup I've ever seen is a two head stand with gum, chiclet, or candy.


If they don't offer capsules, I wonder why not?


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I do. Some of the Ford Operators have stayed with the original set up but many have learned that to be more profitable,

you need to keep up with what the market wants. I bought a ford route that had a couple of hundred machines with chic gum.

I switched 90% to GB and the route return sky-rocketed.


Many of the operators that have not started selling toys or newer candy are the older guys that know

they are closer to retirement and dont want to do the work to switch out.  


Just my experience with the 4 Ford Operators that Ive bought out.

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