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for those that use Chinese machines.

gumball factory is having a sale on lypc machines.

I see they still make nut machines too. great for a lot of locations

cause peanuts are heart smart.

and they seem to stock all the parts for the import machines.

wonder if they have a heater for the nuts machines thou.


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Make sure to pick up your bling teeth for only one low payment of $89.99. Hurry supplies won't last.

I knew their prices were up there, but I really thought you were joking.


I don't usually fret over ROI too much, but... wow.

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well, there is only one other importer of this Chinese machine line,

luckygumball.com I think, only these 2 stock parts for these.

and gumball factory said they were out of the classic and proline machines until the end of next month.

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